How does THT's T50 compare to Exakt 50

We recently got many questions regarding the use and performance of our latest T50 ointment mill. Here are just some examples and how we responded.

1. Does it have a 3-step gap adjustment mechanism like Exakt 50?

We have further improved the design and our quick adjustment is no longer limited to the 3 settings. Instead, T50 has 9 positional markings, which means T50 can do more accurate adjustment. Apart from the pre-set markings, the gap can also be continuously adjusted from 0μm to 80μm with the turning of knobs. Quick adjustment aside, the mill is also equipped with fine adjustment capability. There are fine adjustment screws under the stainless steel case. Users can do the calibration with a small hex key after extended time of use.

2. Is it easy for users to calibrate the mill by themselves?

Yes! That can be done very quickly. Just follow the instructions on the manual. To our knowledge, similar models on the market do not have this function. Users might want to send the mills back to the factory or have them calibrated by technicians.

3. Is operating with gaps larger than 100μm possible by manually setting the fine adjustment screws?

Absolutely! If you turn the fine adjustment screws to change the starting gap size to 20μm, the maximum gap size will be 100μm. The fine adjustment mechanism can increase the gap by about 420μm. Since the range of the quick adjustment is 0~80μm, the maximum gap size can reach 500μm.

4. What to do if something gets caught in the rollers?

In the case that something gets stuck in between the rollers, turn off the machine immediately. You may need to turn the quick adjustment knobs to enlarge the gap first, then rotate the roller reversely and gently pull the material out.

5. How about material loss on the rollers?

According to feedback from a customer, the total loss could be as little as 1.5g out of 100g in practice.

6. Do you have any feedback on the use of T50 from customers who also own Exakt 50?

Yes we do! Here are their exact words: "We have about 7 exact mills and they do not use them any more since we bought the 2 small mills and the large mills."

7. What are your advantages?

1)T50 comes with alumina rollers instead of porcelain ones (Exakt and Dermamill are both equipped with porcelain rollers).
2) Less waste because of smoother rollers.
3) Fast and easy calibration with an allen key.
4) T50 produces extra fine creams that your customers will enjoy.
5) No extra charge for adjustable speed control.
6) T50 has longer rollers, which means it takes less time to process the same amount of products. HOORAY!