XND Series Planetary Ball Mills

how a planetary ball mill works

Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC (THT) proudly announces the launch of new Planetary Ball Mill XND500. THT planetary ball mills are used across many fields, including in the mining, electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries and many more. Due to their high efficiency for mixing small batches, they are popular with research institutions and universities, as well as for industrial production. The XND500 is CE marked, and is designed to produce very little noise .

The XND500 features a state-of-the-art digital control system. The mill is able to achieve reproducible results, and allows an operator to program a starting time and operation hours, as well as enter up to 10 parameter combinations to be stored in the machine’s memory. This model’s sophisticated screen displays relevant information within a single button action, and allows for easy data entry. The full-color screen specifically allows the user to adjust the machine’s speed, grinding time, and ability to control direction reversal (including selection of running and pause times). For added convenience, the screen can also display remaining running time, drive load factor, as well as logged error messages and service intervals. The XND500 boasts greater speed than THT’s original ND Series, which yields a finer grinding result (up to 0.1µm).

Watch XND500 At Work

XND Series Planetary Ball Mills
Model XND500
Volume 4x125ml
Centrifugal Speed (rpm) 0-500
Planetary Speed (rpm) 0-1000
Motor Power (kW) 0.56
Speed Ratio 1:-2
Final Fineness <1 µm; for colloidal grinding <0.1 µm
Dimensions 30"x19"x25"
Net Weight 140lb

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