Three Roll Mill Learning Center

What size of three roll mill should you choose?

Torrey Hills Technologies offers three roll mills with model # of T65, T50 and T65B.

In a compact size, Torrey Hills T65 three roll mill is the ideal tool for laboratories and small-volume production in the mixing of electronic thick film inks, high performance ceramics, cosmetics, paints, printing inks, adhesives, epoxy, sealants, pharmaceuticals and many other viscous materials. It can process viscous materials from 200 cPoise to nearly solid pastes (more than 1,000,000 cPoise). T65 model has a throughput of 0.02 liters/hour up to 14 liters/hour or 30lbs/hour.

T50 is also a lab size model. Comparing to T65, it has smaller torque and less horsepower. T50 is designed especially to process ointments and other low viscosity materials. It is equipped with ceramic rollers (no stainless steel roller option) and no cooling system. Best performance observed processing ointments is 30lbs/hour.

T65B three roll mill is ideal for either laboratories and pilot production to finely disperse, mix, refine or homogenize viscous materials. Its throughput is about 2.5-3 times that of T65.