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CE Certified Lab and Production Three Roll Mill Models

Ultra precise. Top class quality. High capacity production. Three roll mills for up to 30% LESS! We have made quite a stir in the industry, and accomplished what many set out to do, but few have achieved. Which is, consistently wringing the excess cost out of ISO 9001:2000 certified three roll mill manufacturing facility.

We offer new three roll mills starting from $6,595 for a 2.5" lab model, and in the $50Ks for a 16" production model, with one year warranty, FOB US West Coast. Our three roll mills offer the same excellent performance as brand name ones while cost up to 30% less. They are currently used for high volume production in China, US, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Europe and South East Asia.

Would you like to maintain the highest levels of quality, service, and technical support, while slashing your costs by up to 30%? Surely, you can think of better ways to spend the money than overpaying for your three roll mills!

Did you know ...

... that American National Standards Institute has a new safety standard (ANSI B65/NAPIM 177.1-2007) for Three-Roller Printing Ink Mills? We have improved ourselves to meet the standards!

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Here is what our happy customers are saying about our machines!

"The three roll mill of Torrey Hills Technologies offers comparable performance with unbelievable price. Although our people are new to this type of application, they've grasped the task without additional on site education during operation. We are pleased with the end product." --- E.J. Golightly, President , One Stroke Inks, Inc.

"Torrey Hills Technologies is committed to service. They stand behind their product 100 percent. When we had a problem they responded quickly and with no reluctance until we were totally satisfied. It has truly been a pleasure to work with them. With support like this we, at Indigo Science, can focus on solving problems for our customers." --- Mr. Dave Wallace, President, Indigo Science LLC, Newark, NJ