Three Roll Mill Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the three roll mills have quick adjustment settings?
Every model has nine positional markings, allowing more accurate adjustments. In addition to the pre-set markings, the gap can also be continuously adjusted from 0µm to 80µm with tuning knobs. Fine adjustments can be made by tightening or loosening the set screws located under the stainless steel case.

What do I do if something gets caught in the rollers?
Turn the machine off immediately. You may need to turn the knobs to open the gap between the rollers and rotate the rollers backwards to remove the lodged material. If product continues to get stuck in the rollers, operate with a larger gap between rollers and adjust narrower with multiple passes.

How do you clean a three roll mill?
This depends largely on the type of material you're mixing. Quick-drying solvents work well for most applications, but won't help with dried materials. Sometimes disassembly may be required for thorough cleaning.

What kind of maintenance does a three roll mill require?
We recommend refreshing the lubricating grease every 120 hours of operation. Additionally, check your rollers frequently for wear. If there are noticeablely worn areas, you can polish the stainless steel rollers. However, if the overall diameter is 1mm smaller than it's original size, replace the rollers. Check the scraper blade frequently for chips, splits, or general wear.