Three Roll Mill Learning Center

How to safely operate a three roll mill?

Torrey Hills three roll mills are loaded with many safety features as standard to ensure maximized safety such as easily accessible emergency stop buttons, as well as an easily accessible on/off switch. The emergency pull-cord (T65 series) is located right on top of the machine for quick stop. Each unit is installed with an overcurrent protection fuse which effectively interrupts excessive current so that further damage by overheating or fire can be prevented.

Here are a few things to pay attention before and when operating three roll mill.

1. Read and understand all instructions before operating three roll mill.

2. Pay attention to the common knowledge of using mechanical and electronics equipment; do not wear clothing with loose articles or any accessories that can get caught between the rollers.

3. Check roller gap setting to ensure space between rollers. Rollers touching each other may cause damages to roller surfaces which will affect dispersion efficiency.

4. Use care feeding materials into machine. Avoid foreign objects such as piece of paper dropping into the feeding area during operation.

5. Do not dismantle the machine randomly. If the machine needs repair, please contact a professional technician. Incorrect reassembly will cause danger to following operations and operators.