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Three Roll Mills

A three roll mill is a machine tool that uses the shear force created by three horizontally positioned rolls rotating at opposite directions and different speeds relative to each other to mix, refine, disperse, or homogenize viscous materials fed into it. They are widely used to mix electronic thick film inks, high performance ceramics, cosmetics, plastisols, carbon/graphite, paints, printing inks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, glass coatings, dental composites, pigment, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and foods.

We have over 20 successful years manufacturing three roll mills which have been selling worldwide. Our lower manufacturing cost savings are directly passed on to You - our valued customer. With our professional technology and sales team, you will experience the highest level of quality of products, services, and technical support while slashing your cost by up to 30%.

Our popular three roll mill models feature roll sizes of 2.5x5, 6x12, and 9x20 in inches.

Cored rollers are included with each system, regardless of the model, at no exra cost. All machines are optimized for effiency. One inlet and one outlet configuration allows ease of use. The design is compatible with a recycling system.
The simiplistic operation allows the user to set the desired gap manually. Also, the negative pressure assures consistent gap distance. An optional Variable Frequency Drive adds great control to manipulate roller speed within listed specs.
Safety In terms of safety, The Lab Model has easily accessible emergency stop buttons, as well as an easily accessible on/off switch. The emergency pull-cord is located on top of production models. When equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive, it adds necessary features part of compliancy with ANSI B75/NA PIM 177.1-2007, AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD – Three-roll printing ink mills.
The model is for reliable long-life usage. The rollers are manufactured to an extremely durable surface hardness rating of HS 66-78. Also, rollers are grounded to 5µm concentricity and 0.5 µm surface finish for precise applications. 4 handwheels allow easy roller setting.