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THREEROLLMILL.COM Celebrate the Spring Specials

Going, going, gone! This Christmas, Torrey Hills Technologies runs special eBay auctions and markdowns of selected products. Quantities are limited and the winner saves hundreds and even thousands of dollars! Check them out and don't miss out on these great opportunities!

Three Roll Mill

Bidding has ended.
Three Roll Mill Lab Model with Stainless Steel Cover

Starts at $3,200!

Three Roll Mill

Sale ends 4/30/2012 !
Three Roll Mill Lab Model with VFD

$1,000 OFF!

Three Roll Mill

Sale ends 4/30/2012!
Three Roll Mill 6x12 Model

$2,000 OFF!



For details, call us at 858.558.6666 or email us at sales@threerollmill.com.